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Stock Management

SimplePOS software has been designed to make stock management simple, fast and accurate. With barcode technology, you may add an item, assign which department and sub-department it belongs to, determine which vendors or suppliers it comes from, as well as, track its cost, price, and stock on hand level. Not to mention other features like attaching an image, discount levels, size and color matrixes, sale and special pricing and many more.

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Inventory Management will help you maintain optimum inventory levels, control inventory costs, and track merchandise movement. It provides the tools needed to minimize inventory levels and out-of-stock conditions, and maximize valuable management information and profitability. Organize your store or warehouse using designated locations - also known as bins - to track the exact location of items in stock. Employees will be able to pick and fulfill orders faster when they know exactly where to go for the items they need.

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Stock Types

Standard and service items, Serialized (unlimited serial numbers / item), Matrix for Apparel, Repairs Vouchers (prepaid cards, gift cards, gift certificates), Kits (products made up of several items) and more