About Us

Welcome to SimplePOS!

Our mission is to provide you with a point of sale that is painless to setup, easy to use and indispensably awesome.

SimplePOS is focused on providing retailers with software that makes their lives easier. We believe that software that is useful, simple and fast will always provide our customers with the best value and we will hold those core attributes up as we continue to build and develop the best point of sale ever.

Customize your business (No charge for minor customization)

SimplePOS designed for the needs of independent retailers, as SimplePOS Software's point of sale solutions have been refined to be fast, easy to learn and offer unique functionality in numerous industries, they are able to offer a fully integrated one-stop retail software package to help your business start, grow and succeed.

As we have gained extensive experience over the years, we have learned that every business is unique and that a sound business software solution must accommodate the user and their needs. With SimplePOS Software, you can configure the system with soft switches to make the system work the way you need it to.

Features Overview

Easy To Use
Quick Cash Sales simply and easily. you scan the items and take the customer's money in two quick steps.
Customer Management
Add new customers on the fly. When creating an invoice for a new customer.
Cost Effective
Use any PC and turn into a fully working POS system. No need to buy expensive hardware.
Easy To Customized
Customized your SimplePOS according to your business requiement.