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Free Builtin Add-ons

Whether you need to setup an FTP backup, easily manage email marketing campaigns to all your customers or export your sales data to other formats SimplePOS has all the built in integrations within the software free of charge.

Gift Cards, Coupons, Email, FTP Backup and more

Increased sales, client base expansion, and retention are three key components of business growth and success. It's customizable, affordable, powerful, and essential in retail business today. The potential for huge profits, additional sales and repeat customers are the overwhelming factors to be using gift cards.

Related Tasks

Reporting, Auto-Backup, Time Clock

SimplePOS records every aspect of your retail operation to ensure data completeness and coherence. Nothing is lost. Also, SimplePOS Report and business intelligence engine, you can analyze the data at any level of detail - by store, region, product, product category, and more. Full reporting is built into the POS for tracking all employees so you have complete control over the displayed reports. No more guesswork.